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Leadership & Learning

Over the past four decades we have pioneered training practices that combine the very best of whole-brain, multisensory, accelerated learning.  We remain determined, and totally confident, that every individual, team or business that trains with us, achieves precisely the outcome they need to push themselves towards their own exceptional performance.   

Our live programs are delivered over 1-5 days and can all be tailored to the needs of a particular client.  Our experience and expertise in instructional design means we can also build licensed products, to be delivered by the client’s in-house trainers, or delivered online.  

As a TeleTech company we work closely with our colleagues in Learning Innovation. Together we form the Leadership & Learning Practice at TeleTech Consulting. Our learning can be delivered using a variety of platforms:



In-Person Training & Conferences
eLearning & Digital



Leadership & Management /

  • Vision To Results
  • 'Extraordinary Leader'
  • People Management Skills 
  • Coaching for Exceptional Performance
  • EP Teams
  • Management Certifications

Transformational Sales Development /

  • Shape of Results
  • Pitching To Win
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Sales Performance Coaching
  • Consultative Sales Skills
  • Insight-led Sales Skills

Culture, Mindset & Organisational Change /

  • Breakthrough to Exceptional Performance
  • Fortius Mindset Individual & Leader
  • Foundations of Mindset
  • Vision to Results
  • Change Readiness Assessments
  • Change Communication Planning
  • EQ Assessments and Training
  • Learning and HR Development
  • Organizational Network Development


Employee Lifecycle Development /

  • Competency Assessments
  • On-Boarding Development
  •          Continuation Development
  •          Learning Platforms
  •          Digital Education
  •          Communication Campaigns



Communication /


 Knowledge & Collaboration /

  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Community
  • Social Intranet
  • Gamification
  • Sales Enablement


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