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The question, “what keeps you awake at night” used to be a surefire way for sales professionals to engage clients and deliver results. It was enough to identify the problem and then provide a solution.

Those days are over. The buying process has evolved. Social media and the internet have made buyers more informed and more savvy. The aftermath of the Global Financial crisis has meant there are more stakeholders involved in the decision-making process – and they are much more risk averse. The commoditisation of products and services has levelled the playing field, with fewer points of differentiation. Overall, the sales process has become increasingly more complicated.

Evolution provides a valuable lesson here. The species that survive aren’t necessarily the strongest – they’re the ones best able to adapt to change. In a business landscape defined by change, sales teams need to know how to constantly adapt to changing market conditions.

At rogenSi we focus on five winning insights that help Sales leaders and their teams navigate through these changing conditions, gain a competitive advantage, and execute sustained growth.

Five Winning Insights:

  1. Market Access / Creating Opportunity Through Insight
  2. Sales Strategy / Gaining Perspective 
  3. Opportunity Management / Understanding the New Price of Entry
  4. Key Account Management / A Simple Truth
  5. Coaching for Exceptional Performance / Unleashing Potential 

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