rogenSi online assessments.

Our diagnostic tools create clear, consistent performance evaluation for individuals, teams and organisations.  Online tools complement our consulting work and training programs.

Vision to Results Assessment

Vision to Results is our most comprehensive analysis of leadership activity, linked to strategy and project execution.  The survey reveals how colleagues perceive a leader’s performance, across every element of the VTR framework.

Fortius Mindset™ Assessment

Fortius-Mindset™ profiles an individual’s beliefs in four key areas: Motivation, Self-Belief, Coping and Focus.  The results reveal an individual’s capacity to access their skills, knowledge and creativity when they are under pressure.  The results bring an individual’s beliefs into sharp relief and help shape personal development plans. 

KSPM Competency Assessment

The KSPM Assessment measures the four elements of Knowledge, Skills, Process and Mindset in whichever area is most relevant to the team and its ambitions.  The results bring new focus to the elements that create exceptional performance.

Exceptional Performance Teams Assessment

The EP Teams Survey is an online tool that reveals how team members view their own and their colleagues’ performance across the 13 elements of the EP Team Dynamic.  The results create performance benchmarks across teams and for the wider business.



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