Leadership Execution

Ask 100 chief executives for the key to effective leadership in business and a high proportion will answer: “The ability to set a clear vision, translate that into a consistent strategy, and deliver results”. 

So why do so many leaders fail by the one yardstick that really matters: results? Why are so many good strategies so poorly executed? What makes so many talented and intelligent leaders, who passionately believe in the course they are setting, unable to mobilise their workforce effectively and get their teams to buy into the plan? 

It’s not as if leaders don’t know what to do.

They know they’re expected to inspire their troops and bring them into the battle confident of victory. But how do they do that? Inspiring and motivating people is one of the hardest tasks in life. Business leaders are constantly bombarded with peers telling them what they should be doing. They are subjected to feedback reports, behavioural 360s, staff engagement surveys and advice from the board. Yet the role of the leader is so complex with respect to the successful delivery of strategy that it needs to be demystified; reinforced with practical step-by-step reminders so none are overlooked, bypassed or assumed. 

As part of our focus on leadership execution we have discovered a number of truths that help our clients turn their strategy into action – and ultimately their strategy into results.

Truth #1

Extraordinary leadership requires a relentless focus on what is most important, balanced with an ability to motivate and understand people. 

Truth #2: 

Most strategies fail NOT because of the strength of the strategy itself but rather because the leader rushed too quickly from formulating the strategy to focusing on its implementation. 

Truth #3: 

Humans need to have both goal and role clarity connected to the strategy if a leader is to have any chance of gaining their energy and focus. 

Truth #4: 

Team performance is often a direct reflection of the leader’s ability to inspire and engage. 

Whether your vision involves revenue growth, effectiveness gains or the execution of strategic initiatives, we can help you drive exceptional performance and achieve extraordinary results. We work with senior leaders to align business strategies with people dynamics to ensure the right capabilities and mindset are in place to drive immediate action.


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