rogenSI Consulting

rogenSi works with client executives, helping them to successfully execute their business strategies by applying the art of organisational leadership. 

Our Approach

Our consulting services are designed to work alongside you to achieve the desired result as opposed to capability development where the focus is to help you get better or stronger at a particular competence and/or mindset. We lead with the client objective in mind and apply our working knowledge directly to the situation and/or challenge – sharing the resulting insights, recommendations and forward action plan.

When we do our best work we follow our consulting engagement methodology.

1. Rapid Assessment

  • We take a comprehensive look at your current situation, based on one-to-one discovery interviews with key stakeholders, online assessments and any relevant third party data.
  • Assessment of Alignment, Capability, Mindset and overall action readiness of the organisation with respect to the leaders’ strategic direction. 
  • Identifying key themes associated with gaps.
  • Uncovering indicated action to close Alignment, Capability and Mindset gaps.

2. Roadmap Priorities

  • We work with you to refine a customised suite of criteria for prioritising the actions identified in the assessment phase. 
  • Rank and summarise actions with the greatest immediate potential impact.
  • Translate agreed actions into a detailed roadmap defining what needs to happen, when it needs to happen and who is responsible and accountable for making it happen.

3. Drive Action

Develop a compelling change story to enable organisational understanding and action. 

  • Set up and moderate activity of initiative teams.
  • Facilitate structure and process design teams. 
  • Delivery training programs and/or recommend interventions as appropriate. 
  • Provide project management support when appropriate. 
  • Maintain regular advisory sessions with client sponsor.

4. Set Future Trajectory

  • Help structure communication and celebrating initial achievements. 
  • Re-administering diagnostic assessment tools to gauge progress

We stay involved with the client throughout the strategy execution journey, providing process facilitation, decision support and leadership advisory services.


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